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Musical Career

Gayatri enjoys a multi dimensional musical career. Firstly, She is an artist who has performed in over 500 concerts all over in India and abroad. Few noted concerts among the several special concerts given by her are as below Rashtrapathi Bhavan Concert in front of former President APJ Abdul Kalam in 2007 100th Nadaniranjanam program in 2009, the festival in Tirupathi in front of Perumal Sannidhi. Program in front of Perumal Sannidhi at the Chembai festival, Guruvayur in 2010 Her Overseas performances have been in London, Canada, USA including participation in the Cleveland Festival and her concert on Manodharma sangeetam at the London Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.

Secondly, Her role as a teacher and friend to over 70 students of Carnatic music in India and abroad is her another dimension in her career. She conducts classes at home and long distance classed over internet and phone. As a teacher, she is known for patience, obtrusive and compassionate way in which she helps her students find their passion.

Gayatri has been formally employed by the All India Radio since 1988 where she joined as an instrumentalist. Here she does administrative work, gives concerts and also special musical features such as saivism in India, explaining the Divyadesam through music and so on.

Workshops and Other special programmes

At Music academy, Chennai, she gave a unique music performance for the dance programme for the Clarke School for Deaf and Dumb School Children where the performing children could not hear her music but follow her lip movememnt only and she could not see them, but had to follow them by the sound of their footsteps. But the coordination was so good that everyone applauded including the then Governor of TamilNadu.

Several workshops and lecture demonstrations are also part of her Musical world which she performed in India and abroad.

Workshop on the history & development of ancient Tamil Music from Sangam period to 12th century at the Chembur fine arts.

At the Fine Arts, Mumbai, she successfully conducted a two day workshop focusing on " Ancient Tamil Music, Musicology and Carnatic Music".

Workshop focusing on "Manodharma Sangeetham" at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan London.

Lecture focusing on "Origin of carnatic Music" at Sruthilaya Academy, Toronto, canada

Lecture on "Ancient Tamil Music" at Tamil Isai Kala Mandram, Canada.

Development of Music and Musicology from 13th century to date, development of Tamil Music at Canada.

Music Notation in Braille - Attempt to help visually challenged learn Music

Last but not the least, Gayatri is a sensitive social contributor. She is the first person to have created Carnatic Music notations in Brail to help visually challenged learn music. She undertook this project under the guidance of the Ministry of Social Justice and this will serve as a permanent reference for the visually challenged. She also trains and counsels visually challenged students in schools.